Welcome to Thriving Youth Australia!

Thriving Youth Australia© is a not-for-profit network of asset-builders from all sectors across the Australian community, working to achieve lasting community growth. In all our work TYA seeks to follow an assets-based approach, drawing on 50 years' research by Search Institute. TYA seeks to support and resource all Australian asset-builders in the provision of resources, training, and consultancies to help young people thrive in

  • families
  • schools
  • communities
  • organisations.

Thriving Youth Australia provides training and resources to promote development of healthy young people in healthy communities, based on Search Institute's research. This presentation outlines the value of asset-building approaches.

Search Institute

Search Institute is an independent nonprofit organisation whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, young people, and communities.read more >>

What's New

Thriving Youth Partnerships

Thriving Youth Australia is working in partnership with the Resilience Foundation http://www.resilience.org.au to help schools cultivate their students' Resilience Assets as resources to nurture and support whole school learning.  ...read more >>

Thriving Youth Placement project