Thriving Youth Australia recommends the following titles from Search Institute.  The Assets in Action workshop covers all this and more!

Parenting with a Purpose: empower parents to stay positive even throughout the challenging years of adolescence. Revised with updated research, this booklet continues to be relevant for families and child advocates.

Pass it On

Great Places to learn: Grounded in research on more than two million young people about the effects of Developmental Assets on fostering academic achievements and a healthy school environment and a healthy school climate. This is a foundational book is a powerful positive manual to infuse assets into your school community.

Taking Assets Personally - now you can help yourself and others personally with asset building. Using a facilitation group approach to Developmental assets helps people understand their own role as an Asset Builder

Mentoring for meaningful results: Mentoring is a program and complete leaders start up kit that provides mentors, mentees and parents with everything they need to establish and maintain a successful relationship.

Journey into Change: The journey into building strong communities initiatives can be filled with twists and turns that can derail community leaders from making real progress. This resource is a "guide book" to help plan your initiative.

Things you can do

Six things schools can do to build assets with young peopleread more >>

Insights & Evidence

This section contains past Issues of the Search Institute publication "Insights & Evidence", as well as reports and research conducted by, or auspiced by Search more >>



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Working with Young People

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Thriving Youth Australia is working in partnership with the Resilience Foundation to help schools cultivate their students' Resilience Assets as resources to nurture and support whole school learning. more >>

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