Five critical dynamic areas of community life must be addressed for a community to thrive:

  1. Mobilising young people
  2. Engaging adults
  3. Activating sectors
  4. Invigorating programs
  5. Influencing civic decisions

TYA training works with asset builders to achieve lasting community growth.

Community Organisations

Here the training focuses on the fact that "everyone can be an Asset Builder" and that all young people are our young people.

Training especially useful for community organisations includes:read more >>


"Parenting Partners" workshops are usually provided to school parent groups, and equip participants with knowledge and skills to strengthen asset-building with their more >>


Training is available as a taster, half day or full day program which can be customised for local needs. The training is designed to offer processes for engaging students, teachers, more >>

Young People

Here the training is focused on skill and relationship focused. The training offered is very ‘hands on', connecting young people to real situations and finding ‘many' solutions to a series more >>

What's New

Thriving Youth Partnerships

Thriving Youth Australia is working in partnership with the Resilience Foundation to help schools cultivate their students' Resilience Assets as resources to nurture and support whole school learning. more >>

Thriving Youth Placement project